"Freakin' Awesome" is the sixth episode of Mansion, a reality series featuring 18 house guests competing against one another. The episode's title was said by Aaron.

Recap Edit

The teams must now compete in a talent show. Each team will choose three members of their team to compete in a talent show and will be graded on a score of 1-10. The team with the highest score out of 30 in the end wins. Team 1 chooses Amanda, Hayden, and Marcus, while Team 2 chooses Jeremy, Vivian, and Kenzie. While preparing for the show, Amanda practices her singing, which Maya overhears and causes her to realize she is singing about her feelings for Marcus. Hayden practices his beatboxing, and Marcus practices his basketball playing. On Team 2, Jeremy practices his ukelele playing and Katya encourages him to sing along with it, something he has never done. Vivian practices her gymnastics, which Aaron compliments her on, and Kenzie practices her violen playing. However, Emmaline, eager to finally win, cuts several of her strings. Showtime arrives and Jeremy is up first. His playing and singing earns him an overall 7/10 and he worries that if he hadn't of sang, his score would've been higher. Hayden does his beatboxing and earns a 6/10. Vivian does her gymnastics routine and earns a 8/10. Aaron congratulates Vivian and they kiss behind the stage, and begin to make out. Marcus goes up, but instead of playing basketball, he reads Amanda's diary, which Maya collected, including revealing her feelings for Marcus. Amanda is mortified and Marcus gets a score of 1/10, but only because 1 is the lowest score. It is Kenzie's turn, but she cannot play due to her strings being cut, earning a 1. With Amanda being the final act, the only way they can win is by earning a 10. Hayden and Emmaline remind Marcus that if they lose, he will be out for sure. Emmaline encourages Amanda to sing, which she does and earns a 10/10, making the final score 17-16, with Team 1 winning.

Team 2 contemplates their loss. Emily and Patrick convince Julianne and Kenzie to vote for Katya to weaken Jeremy, and because she convinced him to sing, which cost them points they could've won with, and only hope that the other four won't all vote for the same person, or else there will be a tie. In order to make this happen, right before voting Emily tell Aaron that Katya made fun of Jeremy's singing, and that is why he is depressed about the challenge. Elsewhere, Emmaline, Hayden, and Amanda enjoy their victory and decide to vote off Marcus the next time they lose, instead of Maya as they had planned. After the voting session, Katya is forced to leave, before Jeremy is very upset. Aaron is confused as he was told Jeremy and Katya had broken up. Jeremy tells Aaron that he was lied to, making both of the men upset at Emily.

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Voting contestant Voted-on contestant Vote
Aaron Katya 1-0-0
Emily Katya 2-0-0
Jeremy Kenzie 2-1-0
Julianne Katya 3-1-0
Katya Kenzie 3-2-0
Kenzie Emily 3-2-1
Patrick Katya 4-2-1
Vivian Kenzie 4-3-1