"I've Got Two Balls" is the fifth episode of Mansion, a reality series featuring 18 house guests competing against one another. The episode's title was said by Josh.

Recap Edit

With Team 1 now down to six members, and Team 2 still at eight, the teams have a definite unfair balance. The challenge now is a game of Dodgebrawl outside, four vs. four, and the winning team gets an advantage in the second challenge. For the first round, the game goes Aaron, Jeremy, Julianne, and Kenzie versus Amanda, Emmaline, Hayden, and Maya. Team 1 gets the point. For the second round, it is Emily, Katya, Patrick, and Vivian versus Marcus, Josh, Amanda, and Emmaline. Team 2 gets the point. For the third round, it is Jeremy, Julianne, Kenzie, and Patrick versus Hayden, Maya, Marcus, and Josh. Team 1 gets the point. For the fourth round, it is Emily, Katya, Julianne, and Jeremy versus Hayden, Maya, Amanda, and Emmaline. Team 2 gets the point. For the fifth and final round, Aaron is convinced to play alongside Jeremy, Kenzie, and Emily. They compete against Marcus, Josh, Amanda, and Emmaline. Team 1 wins the challenge.

For the second challenge, each team must stay awake. The last team to stay awake wins. However, due to the uneven amount of competitors, that becomes Team 1's advantage in the challenge, instead of a further advantage. As the teams attempt to stay awake, Amanda falls asleep, followed by Jeremy and Kenzie, leavin the score 5-6. Hayden keeps Emmaline awake, while Emily, Josh, and Marcus fall asleep, leaving the score 3-5. Emmaline falls asleep, as do Julianne and Katya, making the score 2-3, with only Hayden and Maya awake on Team 1, and only Aaron, Vivian, and Patrick awake on Team 2. Eventually Patrick, Hayden, and Aaron fall asleep, leaving it to Maya and Vivian for the win. Eventually Vivian keeps her eyes open with her hands, causing Maya to fall asleep last, leaving Team 1 to lose for the fourth time. Hayden, Emmaline, and Amanda decide on who to vote for, as do Marcus, Josh, and Maya. However, at the last second, Maya changes her vote, causing Josh to be eliminated, and Marcus to be angry at Maya.

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Voting contestant Voted-on contestant Vote
Amanda Josh 1-0-0
Emmaline Josh 2-0-0
Hayden Josh 3-0-0
Josh Emmaline 3-1-0
Marcus Emmaline 3-2-0
Maya Hayden 3-2-1