Mansion is a reality show involving several unsuspecting guests arriving at a mansion and being pit against one another. The guests are split into two groups, the winning group of each challenge stays in the nicer rooms, while the losing group stays in the lesser rooms and must eliminate someone from their team.

Season One Edit

Contestants Edit

Rank Contestant Eliminated in Team
18th Tyler "Nice to Meet You" 2
17th Annika "It Was Ten Seconds" 1
16th Teegan "No Homo Dude" 1
15th Jackson "Wabbit Season" 1
14th Josh "I've Got Two Balls" 1
13th Katya "Freakin' Awesome" 2
12th Julianne "Eight Eyes, Five Minutes" 2
11th Amanda "Yes, the Muffins are on the Floor" 1
10th Patrick "Drink the Cockroaches, Idiot" 2
9th Maya 1
8th Kenzie 2
7th Hayden 1
6th Aaron 2
5th Jeremy 2
4th Emmaline 1
3rd Emily 2
2nd Marcus 1
1st Vivian 2


Ep. Title Challenges Eliminated
1 "Nice to Meet You" Race around the house to find the key. Both teams compete in a race to find the three missing words. Tyler
2 "It Was Ten Seconds" Have three members of your team shoot an arrow at a target, another three tread water for ten minutes, and the final three find three "posts" set up around the property surrounding the mansion. Annika
3 "No Homo Dude" Each team must play spin the bottle Protect your team's flag while trying to capture the other team's flag. Teegan
4 "Wabbit Season" Each team must hunt and capture four deer of the opposing team. Jackson
5 "I've Got Two Balls" A dodgeball match between the two teams An "awake-a-thon" to see which team can stay up the longest. Josh
6 "Freakin' Awesome" Talent Show Katya
7 "Eight Eyes, Five Minutes" Each team member must face their greatest fear. Julianne
8 "Yes, the Muffins are on the Floor" Each team must have all of their members stay on the couch A cooking competition. Amanda
9 "Drink the Cockroaches, Idiot" An eating competition Patrick
10 Maya
11 Kenzie
12 Hayden
13 Aaron
14 Jeremy
15 None
16 Emmaline
17 Emily
18 Marcus