"Wabbit Season" is the fourth episode of Mansion, a reality series featuring 18 house guests competing against one another. The episode's title was said by Aaron.

Recap Edit

Team 1 is now down to 7 people, while Team 2 is still at 8. On Team 1, Emmaline and Amanda manage to convince Hayden to join their side of the team on the condition that they don't vote off Marcus or Josh, due to them being his friends. On Team 2, Jeremy and Katya's blooming relationship is put on hold due to Katya's inability to kiss him during the challenge the previous day. Aaron and Vivian also have a blooming relationship. Emily and Patrick continue their attempts to get Jeremy off of his leadership position. The teams are brought together and learn the challenge. Team 1 will have 3 hunters and 4 deer, while Team 2 will have 4 hunters and 4 deer. The first team to kill all four deer wins the challenge. Team 1 decides to assign each deer a hunter. Aaron hunts Maya, Emily hunts Emmaline, Jeremy hunts Jackson, and Katya hunts Amanda. Team 2's hunters, Marcus, Hayden, and Josh, hunt Vivian, Patrick, Kenzie, and Julianne. Aaron and Emily catch Maya and Emmaline after a small fight, while Hayden catches Kenzie. Jeremy and Katya find each other while hunting and Jeremy reveals he was upset after Katya didn't want to kiss him. She kisses him, though they miss out on catching Amanda. Julianne is caught by Marcus and joins Kenzie, Maya, and Emmaline in the hunted section. Jeremy catches Jackson, while Josh catches Patrick. Vivian and Amanda hide themselves as their opposite teams come looking for them. Eventually, Katya and Jeremy find Amanda together and Vivian wins the challenge for her team.

Team 2 are allowed to go to their rooms, while Team 1 is given an oppurtunity to talk as a team before voting someone out. Jeremy, Katya, Aaron, and Vivian sit in Jeremy's room to play cards as friends, while Emily and Patrick manage to convince Julianne and Kenzie to vote out Jeremy the next time they lose a challenge. Team 1 talk as a team. Emmaline, Hayden, and Amanda privately decide to vote out Jackson, while Hayden plays double agent and agrees with everyone to vote out Amanda, before privately telling Jackson and Maya that Marcus changed his mind and wants them to vote out Emmaline instead, knowing that Jackson and Maya will both do anything Marcus tells them to. After a very close voting session, Jackson is voted out, confusing everyone but Emmaline, Amanda, and Hayden.

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Voting contestant Voted-on contestant Vote
Amanda Jackson 1-0-0
Emmaline Jackson 2-0-0
Hayden Jackson 3-0-0
Jackson Emmaline 3-1-0
Josh Amanda 3-1-1
Marcus Amanda 3-1-2
Maya Emmaline 3-2-2