"Yes, the Muffins are on the Floor" is the eighth episode of Mansion, a reality series featuring 18 house guests competing against one another. The episode's title was said by Emmaline.

Recap Edit

Team 1 manages to set aside their differences. Marcus apologizes to Maya for reading her diary aloud, and Maya apologizes for taking it. Amanda decides to forgive them so the five of them can work as a team. Team 2, on the other hand, is split into two sides. Jeremy, Aaron, Vivian, and Kenzie are on one side, while Emily and Patrick are on another trying to manipulate and eliminate each one of the other side. Both teams are brought together and learn the challenge: each team must choose a couch and they cannot get up. Once all members of one team have gotten up, the other team gets an advantage in the main challenge. Emily and Patrick purposefully get up so that their team can lose, while Emmaline is taken out on a technicality due to her falling off. Emmaline is used as bait to get Hayden up. Once he is up, Team 1 believes there is no way they can get the advantage and get up, letting Team 2 get the advantage. The main challenge is revealed: each team gets various ingredients and must make an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Team 2 gets to choose which kitchen to use, as either kitchen has different ingredients than the other. As a group they decide to use Kitchen #1, leaving Team 1 with Kitchen #2.

Aaron and Vivian work on the appetizer, Jeremy and Kenzie work on the entrée, while Emily and Patrick work on dessert. On Team 1, Amanda works on the appetizer, Marcus and Maya work on the entrée, while Hayden and Emmaline work on dessert. Aaron and Vivian make a macaroni and cheese bowl with a vegetable tray on the side, while Amanda makes several different kinds of dips with chips on the side. Team 1 gets the point for the appetizer. Jeremy and Kenzie cook a steak and use mashed potatoes, cilantro, and corn as sides. Marcus and Maya make a chilli passed down from Maya's grandmother's recipe, with bread and crackers on the side. Team 2 gets the point. For the dessert round, Emily and Patrick purposefully make a bland vanilla cake with no frosting or anything special. Expecting to lose, they are surprised to learn they got the point, due to Hayden and Emmaline accidentally destroying their dessert while making out on the table. As Team 1 deals with another loss, Emmaline and Hayden don't want to eliminate their newfound friends in Marcus and Maya, but they realize they have to. However, after a confusing a very close voting session, Amanda is voted off.

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Voting contestant Voted-on contestant Vote
Amanda Hayden 1-0-0-0
Emmaline Marcus 1-1-0-0
Hayden Maya 1-1-1-0
Marcus Amanda 1-1-1-1
Maya Amanda 1-1-1-2